Aliens versus Predator 2K9

Aliens versus Predator 2 was released in 2001. It was my first multiplayer game and I certainly spent more time modifying than actually playing it. My mods enjoyed great popularity. Meanwhile, the game is available for free. Hence, I want to publish my modified version here. It focuses on a better multiplayer experience. The singleplayer is solely limited on a few missions from the Primal Hunt add-on which I integrated likewise. My offered version is surely not the strongest modified one, but my favorite. Try it!


If you increase the graphics options to their maximum, the game's graphic looks quite tolerable. Sadly, the source code offers no possibility to support higher resolutions. But with a little trick you can play it nonetheless with the highest resolutions. Just open the file autoexec.cfg and search for the following values:
"GameScreenWidth" "1024"
"GameScreenHeight" "768"
I think it should be clear what to do here.

Client MFC Application doesn't function anymore

This error message occurs sporadically on Win7 PCs. It pops up after the start of the game and is absolutely not reproducible. It can happen that this message occurs ten times in a row. But it can also happen that the game runs correctly at the next start. Trials have shown that it can sometimes be of advantage to run the game in the WinXP compatibility mode, but it's not a guaranty for success. If this message occurs, just keep trying.