Xenochrome Stylepack

Many little trifles

Xenochrome Developement Kit

When Google published its browser Chrome, I knew this would be my future number one browser. I considered to support Chrome with what I can: graphic design. The possibilities were great because every single graphic could be modified. Sadly, this isn't possible anymore and the themes aren't working anymore. Nonetheless, I've kept my self-created DevKit. Perhaps, Google will give graphic designers this possibility again one day. But of course, I also have a Xeno theme for all current Chrome browsers.

Burning Board® Style Pack

I've decided to offer the style packages I developed for the Burning Board® back in the days, on this site. Photoshop files accompany each package which can surely be useful for one or another to create sundry graphics. Moreover, dozens of icons and some really beautiful, free fonts are added which are well suited to use on the web.

Xeno's Avatar Pack

User frames, so-called avatars, were popular for a very long time. They should match the design of the panel, the content management systems or the blog. I had the honor to craft many of such frames for friends and acquaintances. Now, I offer them here and that, of course, with the corresponding Photoshop files. In a few seconds, the frames are adapted to the own vision. Try it.

Xeno's Button Kit

You can find buttons all over the web. But often, the creation of them is a more troublesome work. You can create them very fast and equip them with all kinds of icons with my button kit.